Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 13

I decided the office needed a good cleaning and dusting so I started with the shelves. I took everything off including the books and wiped them down. I only got one set done, with 3 more to go. Since I was taking books off I did a little rearranging, putting them in categories.

February 14

This used to have scrapbooking stuff in it, but with the new set up I decided to use it in the nursery instead. I think it will work nicely for shoes, socks, bows, and other small accessories.

February 15

We finally got Wrangler into the groomer. He always looks like a completely different dog when he's done. Kady said he did better but I know he still nipped at her.

February 16

I finally found some baskets that I liked for the changing table unit. Paul wants more pink in the room for his princess so I've been trying to add it where I can.

February 17

I had my 3 hour glucose test today. Definitely not a goal I wanted to accomplish, but something that had to be done. I had my blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours. I should know if I passed in the next couple of days.

February 18

Today, I set up a new home office filing system. The old one wasn't working for me. Hopefully, Paul will help keep it organized. Everything is now in a rolling cart so we can move it from the office to other rooms if we want.

Monday, February 16, 2009

February 5

I cleared off this small shelf we had next to the computer desk. I moved the games, manuals, and other computer stuff to one of the big bookshelves. I don't have a picture of the empty shelf, though because Mom took and filled it with her stuff in the guest room. Getting the shelf out of the office created a little more room so Paul can set his bicycle up on the trainer and ride even if it's raining or too dark.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 7D

So, after the cats got in the pantry and knocked over some jars, I had no choice but to clean it out. We had to take everything out that was stacked on the floor anyway so I rearranged a few things in the process. My mom cans and always brings us lots of goodies at Christmas. The soda bottle crates work great for storing the jars so they are stacked on the floor. I also organized the bottom shelf, mainly with snack type foods. I haven't gotten the label maker out yet, figured that could wait until I do the rest of the shelves!

February 7C

This shelf sits just outside the door to the garage. I rearranged some things and cleared out some stuff. As you can see it mostly holds pet items (2 carriers, Wrangler's travel bag, extra food and water bowls on top, and also a box with miscellaneous pet stuff). There is also, the bucket for washing the car (like Paul ever does that) and also cleaning the litter boxes. I also have the metal basket for the extra headrests for my car as well as parts to the car seat we use for the nieces and nephews.

February 7B

You wouldn't really know it, but this table in the garage was completely covered and piled with stuff until we organized it all. I've decided there are some projects that I need to take before and after pictures. The stuff under the table is all Mom and Briggs'. The stuff on top is what I'd call pending. There's a box to go to Goodwill once it's full, a box of books for Levi to go through, a box of bicycle parts Paul is going to try to sale on ebay. Hopefully, the pending stuff on top won't stay for more than a week or two and the table top will be for short-term items only.

February 7A

I haven't been keeping up with this very well, but I'll try to be better. I have done several things around the house over the course of the week, but didn't always get pictures taken in a timely manner. On this day, Mom and I stained this bookcase. I've had it for several years, my dad built it from some lumber he'd found. It's been in the spare room since we moved in. Now it will be in the front hall. The color looks great, but we still need to add a poly urethane coat this weekend, before we move it in.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1

We picked up the rocker this afternoon and I helped put it together. I was in charge of the instructions and also the first "test drive" or "test rock". I wasn't sure about the fabric color, afraid it was too dark, but I love how it looks in the room.

January 31

The baby furniture came in today, but that's not my accomplishment. We had to go buy a mattress and changing table cushion so that we could put the room together once that furniture got here. While we were at Babies R Us we went ahead and registered (just a few things as we were shopping) and also bought the rocker. Here is the new furniture. You can go to our other blog to see more pics.

January 29

No picture for today, but I did get a lot done. Since we were iced in yesterday too, I decided to come into work to do some lesson plans. I didn't get those done but I went through my planner and cleared out all the "to do's" in it. Things like RSVPing to weddings, product registration cards, some clarification from the clinic about a letter we received, a rebate form sent, and my guest list for the baby shower. Nothing too great, but all stuff that needed to get done.

January 27

Okay, so I'm not quite staying on top of this, but it was just a goal, something to shoot for. We had an ice storm that started today so I decided to finish my sister's album. This is the last page. i probably have one more album to do for her, then she's on her own.