Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinterest Tuesday April 30

So I found this link on Pinterest for using Dollar Tree stuff to organize your house.  It actually links to 100 other sites for all the ideas.  I am getting ready to start packing for the move to the new house so I decided that I would tackle the list after we moved in because: 1) I love Dollar Tree, 2) I like things organized, and 3) there's no better time to organize than before it gets all cluttered.  I spent some time skimming some of the links and there are some I won't need (I don't sew or knit so who needs to use baskets to corral thread or clothespins to untangle yarn, nor will I be sewing fabric to cardboard to make my own drawers, I also don't have a tights obsession that requires this).

There are some ideas I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  So much so that I am having to fight the urge to go ahead and implement them.  One is this great kids art closet.  I've seen this idea before and think it will be great (of course, I'll lower so the kids can reach).  This pantry looks awesome and my new one is huge so I will definitely want to keep it organized.  This idea for puzzle storage is great and I may be able to go ahead and use it at the preschool.  With the new statement necklaces and other jewelry I've been buying lately this expandable hook  and ice trays would work wonderfully.

These are just a few of the ideas.  Check them out for yourself and de-clutter one dollar at a time.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday April 29

I'm back to work for a few weeks so I've been making sure I do simple meals on work days.  Here's the plan this week:

Monday: Homemade Gourmet Chicken Taco Soup using pre-cooked chicken
Tuesday: Apple Glazed Turkey with veggies (recipe found on Pinterest)
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce using the leftover sauce from last week in the freezer
Thursday: Crockpot Italian Chicken (another from Pinterest)
Friday: Crockpot Beef and Broccoli (Pinterest) or may be able to get my sister to make salmon patties
Saturday: Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches (Pinterest), we'll have guests so this should make plenty
Sunday: traditional post-birthday party dinner at Joe's Crab Shack

I've tried some Pinterest recipes the past few weeks.

Hasselback Scallop Potatoes were a lot of work...

but tasted really good!

Bananas with honey and cinnamon

Chicken supreme casserole

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore April 24

It's actually harder to dress for work than it is on non-work days.  First, I don't feel as put together because I wear very little jewelry (or other accessories).  When I work with kids, I don't like to wear "statement" necklaces because I don't want the kids pulling on them or for them to get caught when I'm holding the younger one.  Most of the bracelets inhibit my typing, so I end up taking them off anyway (so I put them on in the first place).  Second, I want the most comfortable shoes possible and ones that I can be running around the playground in without destroying them.  Third, we've had some crazy weather...an actual cold front came through requiring sweaters and tights.  Here are the outfits for this week:

Sweater dress, tights, brown boots, and pop of color scarf.

The back has a print with purple in it so I added some purple jewelry.
Work day wearing a Stitch Fix top.
My new skinnies for my nieces Rock & Roll Birthday Party.

This outfit needs some accessories, maybe my yellow stuff next time.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday April 17

So I missed a week, mostly because I didn't take pictures and just got too busy. I am going back to my old job for a few weeks while the woman who replaced me has back surgery.  So I will definitely have to get "dressed up" more and I'll be trying to plan my outfits the night before so I'm not rushing in the morning.  Here are some outfits from the past week.
1. Saturday hanging out at home with kids.

2. Running errands and cleaning the house.  Seems a little dressy for that but it was cold so I wore the cords and I've been wanting to see how that blouse and scarf looked together.

3. Friday's quick road trip to see my sister.
4.  Storytime and shopping with Sophie at the mall.
5.  Ready for work.  I ended up ditching the cardigan about halfway through my day.  I thought it was funny, one of the parents saw me in the morning and again in the afternoon and commented that I had changed clothes.  I guess the cardigan can actually changed an outfit.

6. Ready for work. I expected to be in a classroom so I wore clothes I could play around in and made sure I wore a cardigan since the building is usually cold.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pinterest Tuesday April 9

A couple of weeks ago I had some friends over and took the opportunity to try out some pinterest recipes.

I used small storage containers for the dip instead of cups so that Paul could easily take them to work for lunch.
Individual Seven-Layer Dips
I tried making crack bread.  It was really good but cutting the loaf was very difficult.

The "infused water" was more like raspberry limeade so I also made a simple sugar syrup for my guests to add to cut the tartness.
Fruit-Infused Water
I made ham-wrapped pickles like my cousin used to make.  I tried using the whipped cream cheese and it didn't work as well once I tried cutting them into slices.
I've made a similar toffee before but without the crackers.  This was fine but adding the crackers just added more effort and my other recipe tasted just as good.
Saltine Toffee
I've made a few other things too for the family.

These apple dumplings were so good.  We had plenty so I just warmed them in the microwave the next couple of days.  The vanilla ice cream is a must.
I found a website that has lots of recipes using shredded chicken and browned ground beef. I've made a few of those.

This Mexican chicken recipe was pretty good.

This teriyaki chicken recipe was the first time I tried using my rice cooker for more than just rice.

I also found a use for all the plastic eggs we have.  And the kids created these great mosaic crosses.
I found some very interesting information in this article and have since changed the way I write Sophie's name on her art work (using upper and lower-case letters).

I found uses for the fridge baking soda when I replaced it.
I'm trying a new way to help Logan with his sight words.  This site is for you to purchase the product but I just made my own with dollar store pretend money and an old envelope.

When I saw this idea I was giddy.  I've been hanging the kids clothes up in outfits since Sophie was a baby.  I know it drives my mom crazy that there isn't a drawer for her to go to, to find clothes, but it works for me and them.

I found a new way to where my scarves.

What awesomeness have you found on Pinterest?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I Wore April 3rd Edition

Here's the outfits:

1. Don't you just love it? Ha!  My yoga pants in blue (for Light It Up Blue for Autism), plus my rain boots for jumping in puddles.  I had some cleaning in the garage so I never got out of yoga pants, then it was wet when we went to pick up Logan from school so I switched to the boots.
2.  I wore this to Logan's school for his Spring party.
3.  Paul took his work team (and spouses) out for dinner.  This was about the fifth outfit  I tried on.  I still think it's too short, but not sure why.  Maybe because the peplum makes it feel short-waisted.  The bad thing is that I have 2 dresses in this same style.  Really need to figure out how best to wear them so I don't feel so self-conscious.
4. We went to a trampoline park today so I had to dress appropriately.  Jumping was fun but, ooooh, my thighs were sore.
5.  Casual day at home and running errands.
6.  This was Easter Sunday.  Since we didn't go to church we could go casual.

I missed one day (thought I got the picture but my battery was going dead).  The weather is really causing issues, one day it's hot (like low 80's) and the next it's cold (high 40's).  Hard to plan outfits.