Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Things 421-462

421. reading all night and sleeping all morning
422. wrapping yourself in a blanket in front of a fireplace
423. music in the air
424. accepting a compliment
425. Frank Lloyd Wright designs
426. fried bologna sandwiches
427. dreaming of going home.
428. sugar wafers
429. cucumber sandwiches
430. pencil boxes
431. being able to hula-hoop
432. perfect baked potatoes
433. eating alone
434. a Crayola beginners set
435. Texas toast
436. standing up for yourself
437. accomplished musicians
438. magic tricks
439. Highlights childrens magazine
440. senior proms
441. volunteering at a soup kitchen
442. knowing where all your books are
443. Fonzie from Happy Days
444. apple butter
445. fireworks over a lake
446. bebop tunes
447. reaching out to people
448. piglets
449. unexpected phone calls
450. creme brulee
451. railroad stations
452. skinny Christmas trees
453. being glad you have each other
454. Ellery Queen mysteries
455. a romantic holiday with one special person
456. most popular US main dish being fried chicken
457. soaking in the tub reading a good book
458. spiral staircases
459. grandmothers
460. taco dinners
461. someone holding a sign with your name meeting you at the airport
462. Meeting my son for the very first time!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

65 in 365 Month 11 Update

This will be a list of 65 things I want to accomplish in the next 365 days. (No, I didn't come up with this idea myself, I borrowed it from this Foster Mama, along with some of her items.) I'll update the list once a month (that's the first thing on the list). Completed items are in italics.

1. Update the 65 in 365 once a month (11/12)
2. Come up with 65 goals for the year (65/65)
3. Complete Sophie's baby album
4. Complete 2009 annual album
5. Attend average of 5 StrollerStrides classes a month (28/60)
6. Girls Night Out (or Mom's Night Out) at least 4 times
7. Go to the movies at least 6 times
8. Finish reading 2 non-fiction books
9. Read 4 fiction books (1/4) (The Help)
10. Payoff law school loan
11. Try 26 new recipes
12. Make our wills
13. Participate in a fun run with Paul and Sophie
14. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night; complete after 30 days
15. Have at least one fresh fruit each day; complete after 30 days (0/30)
16. Take at least one picture of Sophie every other day; complete after 60 days
17. Get back to pre-pregnancy weight
18. Come up with a system for backing up digital photos
19. Cooking lessons
20. Make bed everyday; complete after 30 days
21. Have date night once a month (7/12) (03/13, 04/10, 05/28, 06/10, 07/17, 08/27, 09/17)
22. Build a snowman
23. Join a moms group
24. Set up a cleaning schedule and follow it; complete after 3 months
25. Have lawn guys come on a regular basis
26. Take Wrangler to Kady the groomer 4 times (3/4) (March, June, Sept.)
27. Purchase a jogging stroller for Paul to use
28. Put items in JBF Consignment sales, 2 sales each sales season (3/4) (Feb., Mar., Oct.)
29. Make and stick to a weekly menu and grocery list; complete after 5 weeks
30. Decorate the tabletop tree for each holiday or season (snowflakes, hearts, green and gold beads, eggs, flowers, red and blue stars, Christmas)
31. Update a blog everyday or at least average one new post each day (304/365)
32. Go on a scrapbooking retreat
33. Attend a scrapbooking crop every other month
34. Complete 150 scrapbook pages
35. Sign Sophie up for swim lessons
36. Attend one playgroup event each month
37. Take Sophie to a library storytime/event each month (6/12) (02/01, 02/25, 04/13, 06/14, 06/29, 10/14)
38. Attend a local Chinese New Year event
39. Have teeth cleaned twice a year (1/2) (Mar.)
40. Have Sophie’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny
41. Take Sophie to see a fireworks display
42. Update the framed photos of extended family members
43. Attend Living Last Supper at church
44. Plan Sophie’s first birthday party
45. Take Sophie to visit another state
46. Take Sophie trick-or-treating in the neighborhood
47. Decorate outside for Christmas
48. Create our own family Thanksgiving tradition (have Grandpa come over the day after to help with Christmas decorations)
49. Take Sophie to the zoo (May)
50. Establish Family Night/Day twice a month (not including MIC Meals); complete after 4 months
51. Frame and hang Sophie’s first year photos
52. Furniture for China child
53. Update Sophie’s wedding dress photo
54. Get a family portrait done
55. Daily devotional, complete after 30 days (0/30)
56. Create a list of happy things, one for each day (over 1000) we’ve been waiting for MIC (300/328)
57. Complete new adoption visa paperwork
58. Open a savings account for Sophie
59. Clean out and organize pantry
60. Attend at least 3 plays and/or musicals (2/3)(Wicked, Shadowlands)
61. Purchase fire extinguishers for the house
62. Get personalized tags for the pets (3/6)
63. Clean out flowerbed in backyard
64. Buy new couches
65. Make a new list of 65