Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Style Challenge Wrap-Up

Alison at Get Your Pretty On did another challenge for the summer.  I talked my sister into doing it too and since our birthdays are both in June, some new clothes were our gifts.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took using my cell phone and posted on the facebook group.  For part of the challenge we were on our vacation cruise so I had packed using the first few days as inspiration.

**Not a challenge outfit**
 Here's how the challenge works:  after you sign up, Alison sends you a list of the clothing pieces she's going to be using, giving you a couple of weeks to gather them from your own closet or go shopping.  There are substitution pieces where appropriate.  Then the challenges start.  Each night you get an email with the next day's outfit and some styling tips. There's a private facebook group for members to post pictures, get advice and provide encouragement.

The challenges can sometimes push you out of your comfort area.  Sometimes an outfit just doesn't work, but usually you have a better idea of why and maybe even how to make it better.

I think the last day is my favorite because Alison sends you a PDF document with everything, all 21 different outfits.  I print this out and use it to plan more outfits.  Tuesday after the laundry was done and my wonderful mother-in-law ironed for us, I put together 16 different outfits using the challenges and also my Stitch Fix cards.
Not everyday has to be "fancy"
Even when I'm not wearing a challenge outfit, just taking some time to think about what I'm putting on makes me feel better and more confident.  Like the one above, we were staying at home waiting for the cable guy so no need to dress up.  But I specifically thought I should wear that shirt since my paint polish matched.  Ha, ha!