Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scrapping Saturday October 26

I finally got all the scrapbooking boxes unpacked. I really enjoyed looking through some of my old stuff, things that have been shoved away until now.  Here are some pages from my very first scrapbook.
the cover

the title page

envelope and newspaper from a friend who lived in Japan

report cards

more school stuff and travel tickets
I am looking forward to getting back into a routine with scrapbooking.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays.  I hate dressing up but I do LOVE chocolate so it does have a positive side.  I have very slowly added some Halloween d├ęcor to my collection (mostly thanks to some former co-workers).  I did find a print out for this sign online (probably on Pinterest, but I can't locate it now).  I have a Trick-or-Treat sign I got in the Dollar Spot last year and decided that I would use the back of it.

I decoupaged the printed sign and scrapbook paper to the wooden sign.

The completed sign that I will flip once all our candy is gone.

This is the front of the sign that I have hanging on our door now.
Most of my decorations are the pumpkins and gourds I but when we visit the pumpkin patches.  I also bought a small bale of hay to put on the porch with the other stuff.  But I did find a couple of ideas on Pinterest to try.  These milk jug ghosts were so easy and the kids loved making them.  It's Logan George's job to plug them in each evening.

We each decorated one (Paul even did one after I took these pics).

Another idea from Pinterest was to create a Thankful board using leaves.  I have a Creative Memories display board that I used.  I used my cricut to cut leaves from various scrapbook paper.  We'll add more things we are thankful for as the season continues.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIWW October 23

We are still having weird weather, cold one day and very warm the next.  Layering is a must this time of year.

Playdate with other families who have adopted from China

Staying at home doing laundry

My new animal print shoes

Layered for church and lunch

More layers for shopping with my sis, I ended up in the tank by the end of the day

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday October 16th

I have done a terrible job of taking photos of my outfits, mostly because they are nothing spectacular.  We are now getting into the rhythm of the new house and new schools and new everything.  I am getting "dressed" each day but have been in my normal uniform of jeans and a top.  Here's some of the outfits from the past month:

As you can see lots of jeans.  Of course, it's just now getting cold so there was also shorts and skirts too.  I'm ready to start adding layers now that the weather has gotten cooler.