Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIWW February 27

Another week of my outfits:

Outfit #1:  Fun day at the science museum with my parents and Sophie.
Found another top that I paired with the new mint green cardigan.

Infinity scarf from Sam Moon
Outfit #2:  Dinner out to celebrate my dad's birthday and the Sweet Sixteen for my twin cousins.
A friend of my sister's gave her this dress, which I paired with textured tights and dress boots.
Necklace that I've had for decades.
Outfit #3:  Church with my sister and her family.
All pieces I've had for a couple of years, except the jewelry which is from Sam Moon.
Outfit #4:  Grocery shopping with Sophie.
Another top that works with the new scarf, plus the casual shoes for walking the store.

Gold elephant bracelet
Outfit #5:  Raining day and shopping with my mom.
This scarf is getting some play, plus I love my rain boots.
Outfit #6: Storytime and errands with Sophie.
Tried out a different top with this new-ish ensemble.
Love this bracelet from Beya.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinterest Tuesday February 26

  • I saw this and decided to use magazine holders instead to organize the plastic wrap and foil in my pantry.  The great part is that I found these in the dollar spot at Target, so much cheaper than the scrapbook organizer in the original link.

  • Here's Logan's after school agenda.  I found the activity cards online.  His leveled reader is hanging on top for easy access.  The words we are working on for the week are in the little envelope.  We used the new system tonight and it worked well.  When we got ready for bed, I grabbed the book to read it then he read it to Sophie.  She was so excited that he was going to read her a book "like a grown-up"!  We also went over his words one more time and I just grabbed the envelope.  We actually have the "bedtime routine" on a different chart so I may remove those cards as I tweak the system.


Monday, February 25, 2013

MPM February 25

 Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups:  Grandma came to watch the kids and brought 2 rotisserie chickens.  After eating some for dinner, I used the rest for this recipe.  I didn't end up rolling these. I just layered it like lasagna.

Freezer Crockpot Meal:  I made one of the Chinese Chicken ones and served it with rice.
Maw Susan's Salmon Patties:  Whenever my mom is in town I ask her to make these, since I don't know how.
Spaghetti and Sauce:  I used the ground beef that I'd already browned and froze.
Tortilla Soup:  I used the second rotisserie chicken to make this meal from a Homemade Gourmet packet.
We took my dad and my twin cousins to dinner for their birthdays at Red Lobster.

Here's the dinner plan for this week:
Monday: Mexican Chicken Casserole (I'm going to double this and freeze half.)
Tuesday:  Paula Dean's Spaghetti Casserole
Wednesday:  Sessler Salad
Thursday: Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken Freezer Crockpot Meal
Friday:  Chili (using frozen browned beef)
Saturday:  Broccoli & Chicken Casserole (using frozen shredded chicken)
Sunday:  CORN

Other things I'm going to try:
snack:  No Bake Energy Bites, Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt
breakfast: Egg & Bacon Casserole
dessert: Aunt Sadie's Gooey Butter Cookies
lunch: Turkey & Cucumber Wrap

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIWW February 20

First, the outfits:

#1:  This is what I wore on Valentine's day. I had initially chosen a turquoise top with pink cardigan but I didn't like how it looked with the brown cords so I switched to the red blouse.  I added the scarf because it had some pink in it and I wanted to wear the necklace Logan gave me for Valentine's Day.

#2:  This was a day spent mostly at home.  It was cold so I tried some extra layers.  The print top is a few years old and I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep it.  Although the pieces worked together I didn't like the final look, so that top is getting donated.

Outfit #3:  With my little ballerina.  I realized later in the day that I've worn this same outfit before.  If it had been earlier I would have at least switched the tank of put on different jeans.
Outfit #4:  It was a cold morning and we didn't have any plans so I went with comfort and warmth.  This sweater came with the scarf.

Outfit #5:  Paul and I had a cooking class (our Valentine's gift to each other).  I wanted to make sure I was comfortable.  This isn't a color combo I would normally do but I think it worked.
Outfit #6:  I found this top on clearance and thought it would be good for my new pants.  I like the sparkle but the top is a little tight and definitely doesn't hide anything.  I loved being able to wear my sparkly pink Toms.

Outfit #7:  Another casual day with me trying to incorporate some of the pieces I already have.  The gray cardigan is a little short but it was okay since the top was longer.  I decided to wear my new flamingo necklace Logan gave me.
Second, some thoughts:
  • Paul finally got to see some the outfits I've been wearing.  Because of his work schedule, he usually leaves before I get dressed and by the time he gets home I've switched into pj's.
  • When I'm out shopping I find myself looking for accessories to pair with things I already have.
  • I have probably spent more money on clothes and accessories this year than I have...ever!  I'm mostly kidding but I'm not one to buy lots of clothes so I guess I was due.
  • I'm also finding it easier to get rid of stuff.  I have tops that I've had for half a dozen years (or longer).  Most aren't holding up with the time so they are going.  I also donated a pair of jeans that didn't sit right on my waist and I was always hitching them up.  Decided it was time to quit dealing with that, maybe they will work with someone else's body.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu Plan Feb. 18

Here's are some of the meals we had the past 2 weeks:

Freezer Crockpot Chinese Chicken with Rice

Italian Chicken and Veggies:  This was really good, we all ate it.

10 Minute Baked Ziti:  This was pretty good. Sophie liked it but Logan wouldn't eat it.  We also had some leftover pizza and cheesy bread so that may have been the problem.  It made a lot, really too much for us, so I will half it next time.  It might freeze okay but I'm not really that experimental.  The prep was only 10 minutes but it did have to bake an hour.

10 Minute Spicy Chicken Thighs:  I rarely use bone-in chicken but these were pretty easy.  I really liked them and so did Logan. I thought Sophie would love the crispy skin but she thought it was too spicy.  The recipe called for Old Bay seasoning which I thought I had but what I found in the pantry was actually Chachere's Creole Seasoning.

Lemon Salmon: I was sure the kids would like this but only Logan ate it.  It really kind of irritated me that Sophie wouldn't even try it since earlier in the day she ate a dog biscuit.  No, seriously, a dog biscuit!
Sessler Salads: Baby spinach, almonds, diced apples, bacon bits and mozzarella cheese topped with a vidalia onion vinaigrette.
Frozen Crockpot Fruit & Pork:  No one liked this, good thing we had leftover pizza to eat.
Parmesan Chicken Bake:  Grandpa came over to eat with us.  Both kids ate this up but the adults only thought it was "okay".

yogurt parfaits:  These were a huge hit.  I pulled out 2 flavors of yogurt, 2 fruits, and the box of granola.  I showed the kids how to layer everything then let them choose their own combinations.  We will definitely have these again.

 Creamy Avocado Chicken Salad:  Logan immediately started whining when I told him what we were having and it only escalated when he saw it.  I told both kids they needed to try a bite of the salad and one bite of avocado.  When I told Sophie she used to eat avocados when she was a baby, she had to go look through her baby scrapbooks for a picture.  She didn't eat anything except some cheese slices.  Guess it wasn't an eating day.  Logan tried the avocado but didn't like it.  But he loved the chicken salad.  What's that saying..."mama knows best"!  He had 2 servings then asked if I could make it for school lunches too.  As far as the recipe I didn't use any onions or tomatoes since I don't like them (so I doubled up the corn and beans).  I had Logan help me by crushing the corn chips.  I only used half an avocado since it was just me and kids.  I took a little of it that we didn't eat and added some salsa for Logan to try as guacamole.  He like chips and hot sauce so I thought it might work, but no go.  I liked how the salad had the chips crushed up so I took the extra and added it to my left of guacamole.  It was really good.  May try that the next time I make real guacamole.

I finally got smart and cooked some chicken breasts in the crockpot to have frozen for quick meals.  I just threw some fresh ones in the afternoon (although frozen would have also worked), then chopped up some and diced some.  I kept out 2 cups in the fridge to use in the chicken salad and froze the rest in 2 cups servings for later.

Here's what we are planning for this week:
Monday:  Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups
Tuesday: Freezer Crockpot Meal
Wednesday: Maw Susan's Salmon Patties
Thursday: Spaghetti and Sauce
Friday:  Tortilla Soup
Saturday: Dinner out to celebrate some family birthdays
Sunday:  CORN

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Accomplished: Bathroom Closet

There is a closet right outside the kids bathroom that holds several types of things:  the kids blankets, Logan's sheets, pull-ups, playdough, puzzles, Maw Susan's stuff plus general bathroom stuff like cotton balls, clippers, thermometer, band-aids, extra shampoo, body wash and lotion.  A few weeks ago I could find something in there so I ended up throwing everything on the "bathroom" shelf in a big bag expecting to organize it.  That was at the end of December, then I got sick and things got crazy.  My mom picked up some containers at the dollar store and I got some more.  While the kids were at school I finally got in there and straightened everything.  (I wished I'd thought to take before pictures, but here are the after.)  The top shelf houses extra toilet paper (I keep more rolls in each bathroom), a blanket for the guest bed, and a basket where I've put some little gifts for the kids.

The Toy Shelf with playdough and puzzles
Maw Susan's stuff on the left and Sophie's nebulizer stuff on the right.
Green basket is for illnesses, blue is for first aid.  Easy to just pull out if needed.
All the extras for bathtime.
Closed storage for more extras, hand sanitizer, pocket tissues, teeth stuff and travel bags.

Baskets holding blankets.
I'll add labels after a couple of weeks.  I like to live with the storage for a bit first in case I find that the containers don't work out.  That's the great thing about getting them at the dollar store.  I bought a couple of each size/style so I had options based on how much and the type of item going in them.  That's one reason why there are different colors.  It would probably look nicer if I used all the same color container or even tried to color code them, but I didn't have that option if I wanted different types.  And let's be honest, It's a closet that is closed all the time...I want it neat and functional not necessarily pretty.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scrapping Saturday February 16

More layouts from Sophie's first birthday celebrations (post-party dinner, opening presents, and zoo trip).

Playing outside, climbing on everything.
And the second installment of "Sophie Wears My Wedding Dress".
I've gotten almost 20 layouts done this week, of course I'm only through May 2010.