Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19th

Today we went back to Picture Me studios to have portraits done with the Chinese shoes. You can view them at Input our last name, studio number (19896) and this date's session number (102488).

June 17th

I had Sophie's portraits done in her baptismal gown. If you would like to see the proofs you can go to You'll need to input our last name, the studio number (10896) and the session number for this date (102479).

June 17

I finally got Sophie's pictures in frames. Now I just have to figure out where to hang the big ones.

June 15-18

Napping in the cradle in the living room

Her favorite pastime...sleeping

Mommy and Sophie

Check out my dimple!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Goals List with Updates

So here's what I'd like to get accomplished in the near future.
  • update the scrapbook page count on this blog
  • add Sophie and the bear picture (to show how she's growing) to her blog
  • to update her bookshelf (on the blog)
  • order 2 scrapbooks
  • work on her scrapbook COMPLETED SEVERAL PAGES
  • finish the thank you notes (just a few left from the last few weeks) DONE
  • send out the birth announcements SENT 25, NEED TO ORDER MORE
  • get picture in her Christening gown DONE
  • take gown to be embroidered
  • get picture in MIC Chinese meal outfit DONE
  • get pre-pregnancy clothes down from attic DONE
  • return borrowed maternity clothes STILL WEARING THEM
  • mail Jill, Hope, and Noah stuff DONE
  • finish reading the book Babyproofing Your Marriage DONE
  • put new pictures in the frames on the wall and put up the new frames with Sophie pics DONE

Looks like a lot, but most won't take too long.

Blogs are Updated

I finally got the blogs updated. Yay!!! I've also gotten on facebook and I uploaded a bunch of pictures there as well. I know I haven't accomplished much lately, but now that I am getting into the rhythm of this new routine, I'll get back on track. For now, I'm doing good to take a picture of Sophie everyday.

June 8th-14th

Getting sleepy

Kisses from Grandma

Chinese Shoes

Mommy loves outfits that aren't pink

I do like my swing

Me and Daddy

June 1st-June 7th

Enjoying her bottle.

Checking out the elephants.

Not a pink outfit!


Passed out after a bottle.

Getting ready for bed.

Big hair bow