Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pinterest 12: Ice Cube Painting

There were several pins about using colored ice to draw. I love how this blogger used straws in her ice cubes. I actually just did mine in a popsicle maker. On this day we just drew on the driveway, but I think I will try it with paper another time. As you can see, Sophie liked eating the ice. They both also figured out that they could draw on their bodies. I like all these ice activities, especially because it's been so hot. They are cheap and fairly easy to clean up. I had the kids where their swimsuits, then I just hosed them down.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest 11: Musical Salt

We did a couple of activities at the same time because they involved ice. This picture is from the end after we finished the musical ice one. I had a bag of ice in the outside freezer so I put it in a cooler, let it melt a bit then we poured salt on it. The website where I saw this said it really wasn't music and she was right, it was more of a snap, crackle, pop. But the kids tried some different things, listening for the sound of the ice. Just before we went inside, I let them throw the ice chunks, breaking them up on the driveway.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pinterest 10: Colored Ice Cubes

So, this is a terrible picture. It was hard to get one that didn't show too much. And the ice melted fast in the bath, but the kids love having new stuff in the tub. At first they didn't know what to make of it. Then they started trying to hold them and pointing out how they colors were mixing with the water. They looked a little confused when it disappeared. We will definitely do this again, you can see the original idea here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pinterest 9: Mayo Jar and Craft Sticks

I've had the empty mayo jar for months, just wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Then I saw this site. I found some colored craft sticks and let the kids put them through the slot.

I wasn't sure if Sophie would be able to do it but she figured it out.

As they got better at it, we started asking about the colors and requesting certain ones be put into the jar. I'll need to see if I can get some more jars for the Preschool.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pinterest 8: DIY Glitter

According to this site, we should have had our own homemade glitter with just these few items: table salt, food coloring, and an oven.

We followed the instructions, and put it in the oven for 10 minutes.

Looks about the same as it did going in.

So, as far as creating glitter, this was a BUST! But my kids enjoyed pouring salt and mixing the color in. Then we watched it "cook" in the oven. Since it didn't really do anything, I just added it to our I Spy bottles (which I still haven't glued shut yet).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinterest 7: Sunscreen "Art"

The original idea was actually an experiment showing why sunscreen is so important. That's a little beyond my kids' understanding but they enjoyed the art aspect of it.

Painting with the sunscreen on black paper.

We probably should have let it stay out in the sun longer.

Checking out the results.

The sunscreen changed colors but you can see some parts that are darker.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pinterest 6: Shaving Cream Bath Paints

This is actually one of the first activities I did from Pinterest (but just now downloaded the pics). There are a few different posts about this but I found mine here. The kids had a paint palette from some old bath paints that I used to put the shaving cream in and we just used small paint brushes from watercolor paints. I think next time I think we'll try to the basting brush like the blogger used.

Of course, the kids needed a shower after their bath!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pinterest 5: Cloud Dough

There are several recipes out there for the equivalent of Moon Sand. This one used only 2 ingredients and I had them both. Score!

The kids loved it! Sophie loves getting messy. This would have probably been better outside, but because we're going on 50+ days of 100+ degrees, we stayed inside.

Logan's a little more careful with messy stuff, taking time to dust off periodically.

I put the cloud dough (so named by the blogger because of it's fluffy texture) in a plastic bag. Hopefully, it will keep in the air-tight container.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinterest 4: Squeezing Lemons

This blog post was all about oranges. I didn't have any oranges but I did have some lemons that were almost too ripe so I decided to use them. I let Logan do the first activity...using the juicer. I cut the lemons in first and then he made the juice.

He was very serious about his task.

Trying out a lemon.

Logan's sour face.

Sophie had the second part. First, we made lemonade by adding sugar, ice, and water.

Then, we spooned some of the lemonade into the lemon rinds and out them in the freezer.

After dinner we got to enjoy our icy cold treat!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinterest 3: Utensil Sort

Another great find at the dollar spot. I had bought this utensil tray several weeks and just used different things for the kids to sort (straws, pipe cleaners). But after I saw this pinned, I bought some plastic utensils, traced them on paper and put them in the compartments. Logan loves to help so he thought this was great fun!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pinterest 2: Colander Fun

Here's another pin in reality not just on the board. You can find the original post here. I got the colander at the Target Dollar Spot and I really like it because it has different size holes. Sophie was able to put the pipe cleaners in the larger holes fairly easily. Logan had to work a little harder to get them in the top (or bottom?) because the holes were so tiny. The kids had fun and it was a nice treat before bedtime.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pinterest 1: Busy Wallet

While Sophie and Logan napped today I watched some tv and went through some pins on boards. I went through the ones that were about printables and downloaded the things I wanted (and deleted a couple of pins that went nowhere). Once I downloaded them, I deleted the pin. I also ended deleting some that turned out to not be what I thought they were from the picture and description.

Before we left this morning to run some errands, I had looked at a couple of ideas to see if I could actually do one. I found this busy wallet idea. I decided that it would be a great one to attempt today since we were headed to church to drop off cookies at the garage sale. Figured I might be able to find an old wallet. And I did find ONE, but of course I need TWO. So as we were going to our next place I looked for other garage sales and stopped at one. Score! A wallet that the lady didn't even want to charge me for. I made her take a dollar for it since it was the only reason I stopped. (We also picked up some playdough, which has been entertaining the kids really well.)

Here are the wallets I got today for a total of $2.

Here's the finished products:

I have a ton of notepads I've collected through the years so I found ones that would fit it the card slots. I gave Sophie a pencil and Logan a small pen (because his wallet didn't have a pen holder, and the pen fit in one of the card slots). I use the keychain thingys from the store discount not the regular card size ones, so I gave them to the kids, putting a photo sticker of me and Maw Susan on a couple. I put a couple of drink hangers from Sonic in the slots (just because they are flat. In the dollar bill section, I put sheets of stickers as well as a larger pad of paper. As a final touch I put a small book in each (these came from Chick-Fil-A). I left the zippered change compartments empty so the kids can add their own stuff. I think the kids are going to like these the next time we have to wait somewhere (like the doctor's, but, shhh, don't tell them)!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinterest Craze

So I kept hearing about this but couldn't really figure out what it was. Some one explained it ans I thought isn't that what my "Favorites bar" is for. But I finally joined in and I do like it. Of course, I could just bookmark the website when I find something cool but pinning it is so much faster and I get a visual to remind me of why I thought it was cool.

Of course, that's not where the addiction or obsession comes from. That comes into play from looking at other people's boards and pins. I've spent way too much time the last few days repinning from others boards. And I'm only looking at boards of people who've repinned from my stuff and the few people I actually know in real life. Mostly, I'm pinning stuff for preschool and some organizational stuff. And most of it is repinned based solely on the thumbnail on the board (meaning I haven't even gone to the original website to see it).

I decided last night that the boards are sort of pointless if I don't actually do something with them. So, I'm setting a goal of one pin a week. That's one pin to make or find or do or whatever. I won't get through all of them, some are ideas for parties and some are resources I can continue to use. But there are a lot of things to make for both home and preschool. Plus there may be some pins I'd remove once I actually see the original site. I'm also toying with the idea that organizational professionals use: not adding a pin without removing one. Okay, probably wouldn't work. Maybe more like remove a pin for every 10 I have. Ha!

Happy Pinning! Or maybe it should be "Don't just Pin, Do!"

UPDATE: After doing the first 6, I created a list of pins I want to accomplish. On the pins, I tried to include what I needed to complete them in the description.

New GOAL: I've been on a roll, knocking out one a day for the last week. I know I probably won't be able to keep that pace when we all start back to preschool next week, but I think I can do 25 before I go on my cruise in early 25 pins in 50 days!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

EMM: No Fast Food

Actions for today:
1. Don't eat fast food today.
2. Start by switching 1 fast food meal a week to a healthier alternative.
3. If you do eat fast food, eat smaller portions.
4. NEVER super-size.
5. Plan your meals for the week to help cut down on impromptu fast food meals. Find helpful tips here.
6. Keep your fridge and pantry stocked.
7. Pack a healthy lunch or cook dinner at home tonight.

So here is how I tackled these actions this week. Here is my dinner meal plan:
Monday-Box dinner using chicken with applesauce (my kids are not eating much these days and Paul has been working late so this was a simple meal mostly for me)
Tuesday-Enchilada casserole with corn (I actually made 2 of these and froze one for later)
Wednesday-Easy Italian Chicken ( crock pot recipe) with green beans
Thursday-Round Steak with herbs and mixed veggies
Friday-Broiled chicken with oyster sauce with jasmine rice

Today I took the kids to McDonalds but we didn't eat there, just played in the the play area. The kids asked about eating but we came home instead. I will be at the office tomorrow and I am planning on taking my lunch (actually, I have a lunch there I think, probably tuna, crackers, protein bar). I have never super-sized anything, in fact I usually get the kids meal because it is just the right portion.

I would really like to find some healthy fast food options because sometimes I need the convenience.

Monday, August 1, 2011

EMM: No Nicotine

Okay, so I don't smoke (and never have) but my dad does. He had a cancer scare a couple of years ago and tried to quit. I know that didn't go so well, but I do think he's still trying to cut back. The book suggests helping someone else who's trying to quit so that is what I will my Dad.