Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th

I finally got my digital photos printed. I hadn't done it since September. It cost almost $60.00 for 365 pictures.

April 24th

Briggs put a hook in the ceiling so we could hang this large umbrella to hold all the stuffed animals. We had to find someplace for them or else Sophie wasn't going to have a place to sleep. The animals were in the crib and the cradle.

Now there is space in the cradle...

and the crib!

April Accomplishments

I got a lot done in preparation of the baby's arrival. Most things took me several days to complete. I do a little and then work on it again later.
I packed the diaper bags, one for me and one for Paul. When Sophie gets here, we all set for our first outing.

Here is my labor bag and postpartum suitcase. Paul still has to pack his overnight case for the hospital.

I made closet clothes dividers to separate Sophie's clothes by size. I used the plastic lids from cottage cheese and large yogurt containers.

Paul put together the stroller with a little help from me. We have an appointment with a local organization that will install the car seat for us to make sure it is done correctly.

After the parents reception at school, I had over 500 diapers and several boxes of wipes. The extra stuff fits nicely at the top of the nursery closet.

March 28th

I completed this small album of the Doodlebops concert we took the niece and nephews to last year. I have a few small albums left to complete, but am on hold with the big albums until I get some new pages.

Monday, April 27, 2009


No pictures to post, but I have been busy. I just haven't gotten around to taking and or uploading any pictures. Honestly, it is hard to sit at the computer for too long (the belly just doesn't like it). I will get to it soon. But just a quick preview of all I've done. I finished another book, packed my labor bag and hospital suitcase, washed all the baby clothes, completed a scrapbook of the Doodlebops concert, written Thank You notes, and cleared out the cradle and crib. More to come soon, I promise!