Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest 31: Banoffee Pie

I've made a version of this pie but never with bananas in it. (And it has probably been over a decade since I made it.) The website I got it from isn't in the US so it's was interesting to see the differences in the names of ingredients. I also like that she covered it with whip cream, because it's not the most attractive pie otherwise.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest 30: Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken

I found this recipe and had the ingredients to make it on short notice. I did tweak it a bit based on what I had. I didn't have the specialty sauce so just used what we had (Stubbs Bourbon flavor). After it cooked, I shredded the chicken and put it on hoagie rolls. The kids really liked it and so did the adults.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest 29: Dice Counter

Sophie's going through a "no eating" phase. I saw this idea months ago and decided to try it to entice her to eat just a little bit more. The funny thing is that she loves throwing the dice so much that she usually just takes one bite (regardless of what she rolls) but she'll roll it over and over, taking a bite each time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

EMM: Thank a Firefighter

Things to do:

  • Thank firefighters when you see them in uniform (like at the grocery store).

  • Get out of the way when you hear the sirens or see the lights.

  • Help to create a thank you card to be delivered to the local station.

  • Minimize your risk of fires by installing smoke detectors (and checking batteries) and keeping fire extinguishers on hand.

We made cookies and took them to the local firehouse for the firefighters. Unfortunately, the truck was out so we didn't get to see it but the kids enjoyed meeting the firemen. When we got out of the car with the cookies, Logan says, "The firemen be happy, 'cause I have them cookies."