Friday, March 20, 2009

March 19

I wrote out the thank you notes from all the shower gifts. I have also taken the packaging off everything and put things away. Next on the list is to wash all the clothes. Maybe this weekend, I'll get to that.

March 17

Today, I worked in the yard. I fighting a cough so I didn't stay out too long, but I did manage to pull a bucketful of weeds. I would have taken a picture of the yard, but you'd never be able to tell I had accomplished anything, there are so many weeds out there.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 16

I really shouldn't take any credit for this. I didn't buy it, I didn't install it, I didn't even really supervise, but I did want it. My step dad Briggs put these on both the front and back doors. Now I can open the wood doors and have more light in the house as well as a breeze on nice days. the cats aren't quite sure what to make of things. When the main door is open they just stand at the storm door, trying to figure it out. I think they like seeing out (but they could do that before with the back door since it has a full pane of glass in it), but they especially like it when I have the window open and they can see/feel/smell the outdoors.

March 10

Okay, so the goal was to get a chair in the master bedroom. i accomplished this with help from Paul, Dad, Briggs, and Mom. As Julie Andrews says, lets start at the very beginning. Paul spilled red soda on the carpet, so I took advantage of the guilt and requested we buy a chair. I went online, found one at that matched the bedroom furniture (I hoped) and ordered it. It was to be delivered in time to have it set up before the shower. It got here, I pulled out the top piece to make sure it did match, and then called Dad to come over and assemble it. He pulled out the second piece and it was broken. Ugh!!!! I contacted customer service, was completely unsatisfied with the help I received and the return procedure. (Every option required that I had to load up the huge box and transport it somewhere to be sent back, at which time they would send a new chair.) I wanted a chair in the room within a week, so I had Paul take me to Garden Ridge the next day to get this chair. I didn't want anything fancy or expensive, just something functional that could withstand the cats. So we had time to bring the chair home, but not assemble it. Two days later Briggs arrives early from work, and tada I have my handyman to put the chair together. Mom helped move it into the bedroom, as well as move the bed and nightstands down to make more room. Thanks to all who helped with this accomplishment. Paul has been in the chair just about everyday, reading or playing Xbox. KJ (the kitty) has claimed as her special spot during the day. And I can't wait to have a place to sit and stare at my sleeping daughter in the cradle next to it.

March 13

This is the new display I put together before my baby shower. It has one sonogram pic from the last 4 visits, with others in a pocket. It hangs outside the nursery door. I also created a guest sign in page and gifts page for the shower at the same time.

March 12

This is the new entry of the house. I think the bookcase turned out great after we stained it. I put some of the scrapbooks in it which freed up some space in the entertainment unit and gave me space to put some picture frames. I actually had to go searching the house to find things to fill the shelves here and in the entertainment unit. Of course, give me a year and the space will be filled with scrapbooks and frames of the baby.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 3rd

Paul has been bugging me to get Sophie's letters done. Here's the finished product. I did the MIC letters probably 18 months ago. I found paper that was complementary to do Sophie's. I think they turned out great especially with the frames and box Bill and Cheri gave me a couple of Christmases ago. My sister was given the cross and she let me have it because it matched the other items. Mom suggested I go ahead and put baby pictures of Paul and I in the frames and also a current picture. I still need to do that. One day soon!

March 1st

I got a new phone today. I've been having issues with mine, powering off when it's charging. We went last week to get it checked out, and the saleman said it was probably the car charger. I decided not to get a new phone and just charge at home. By Wednesday morning it wouldn't hold a charge at all. Although, I don't do much texting I like the full keyboard. You can't read the display so I'll describe it. Instead of using my name, I put "Sophie's Mommy". I also have 2 times listed, my time and Beijing time in honor of MIC. And it had a D-Day count down, which is my due date. Now if I can just get all my contacts inputed.

February 28th

I worked on the pantry some more. All the shelves are now organized, and I threw out some old stuff, which helped free up space. Of course I've changed some other stuff since tyhis picture was taken. I washed some canisters and was able to free up even more space. Now there is about half a shelf for baby stuff...bottles, formula, baby food, etc.

February 20th

About a year ago, I decorated some boxes for Paul's stuff in the office. This particular tray never got finished...I finished it today. This one holds all his guitar stuff. All of the trays and magazine holders are decorated with superhero paper and diecuts. Now if I can just get Paul to put stuff back where it goes.