Monday, March 21, 2011

EMM: Treat Homeless with Diginty

1. Don't judge people.
2. Better understand the homeless by speaking to them when you get a chance.
3. Look them in the eye and be polite. A simple "hello" or "God bless you" is fine.
4. Offer bottles water or pre-packaged food instead of money.
5. If you can't help, simply state "I'm sorry. I'm not able to help."

With small children it's been difficult to do any kind of volunteer work, but I have tried to find other ways to help our local life shelter. We had a dozen cupcakes plus a cake left from Logan's baptism celebration so we contacted the life shelter and was able to take the sweets to them. I have always tried to be polite when I can't help. I do like the idea of giving out water or ready-to-eat food. I rarely have cash on hand and this would be a way to give something.

Monday, March 7, 2011

EMM: Don't Flick Your Cigarette Butt

Although my Dad smokes, I don't see much smoking. The city I spend most of my time in is fairly non-smoking...other than the outside the only place I can think of that you can smoke is the bar-area of restaurants. Because of this most of the Action Items don't really apply. There is one...if you see a discarded cigarette butt either ask the smoker to pick it up or do it yourself. Okay, I can do that. Oh, and also the last Item: