Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Wedding Party/Flowers

I found digital pictures from our wedding, so you can see my gown, too . Since Paul and I had both been married before (one big church wedding and one small at the family's house), we didn't want either of those scenarios. We decided to have our wedding at a local bed and breakfast with just our immediate family (which numbers 30+).
My mom made my bouquet as well as corsages for the moms and grandma, and boutonnieres for Paul and the dads. We purchased the roses at Sam's (yes, the bulk warehouse store) and they were beautiful. Since I wasn't picky about color I just chose the best they had (we knew when their shipments came in, so they were very fresh).
As everyone gathered in the parlor, I made my entrance down the stairs (with music playing in the background).
After the ceremony, we went to Pappasitos for the reception dinner. We had a cake and toasted with margaritas (on the rocks, no salt) in frog cups. I found the cups at a local store and they reminded me of my grandmother (who passed away in 1994). The management and staff at Pappasitos were great and very accommodating for our very non-traditional reception. The great thing is that we have been back to the bed and breakfast, as well as recreating the reception at Pappasitos on several occasions.

Goals Update

I have updated my goals list ( Here are few additions:

  • Take the New Parents Tour at the Amon Carter Museum
  • Walking, walking, walking (no reason not to take Sophie and Wrangler out everyday except rain)
  • Set up the baby pool for Sophie (it has a canopy to keep her out of the sun)
  • Download pictures, it's been way too long

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Dress

I've been reading a new blog lately and decided to participate in something she does. She calls it "Show Us Your Life". This week she asked us to blog about our wedding dress. I don't think I have any digital pics from when we got married 5 years ago but I do have these. This idea was also borrowed. I am going to take a picture of my daughter(s) wearing my wedding dress each year (hopefully on our anniversary). Here is the first:

Sophie was just 3 days old. This is not your traditional wedding dress (I'm not even sure it was considered a wedding dress). No train, just a straight skirt with a crossover top, but it did have some beadwork on the front. It was cream-colored (white looks terrible on me). I don't expect my daughter to ever wear my wedding dress for her wedding (I think every woman should get to wear the dress that makes them feel perfect) so I'm not too worried about the fact that she'll probably hate this dress before she's 10, just because I'll have MADE her wear it each year.