Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EMM: Meditate or Pray

I have tried several times to "read the Bible in a year" and have just never been able to do it. This year I found the One Minute Bible and have put it in the bathroom (the one room with in the house with a lock and also the only room the kids know to stay out of if I'm in it). It's not the entire Bible just the "heart" of it, basically hitting the high points and main topics. In one page it may have parts of the old testament and the new testament, with all of the passages for the day related in some way. For example, during the first week it had the scriptures of God creating the world, including the light and then had passages from the psalms that also referred to that. I don't always read each day, but that's the thing. Since it's only a minute I can easily make it up the next day. After I read, I'll say a prayer for whatever prayer requests have come through my email.

Along with that prayer time, I've started printing those same requests. I know, probably not the best use of paper, but having the hard copy allows me to pull them out whenever I sit down with my planner (where I keep them) and say another prayer, or send an email to get an update. I have found that the written word on paper (instead of a monitor) seems to stay in my memory longer. I actually remember the requests throughout the day.

One last thing...I have a child's devotion book that I've been reading with Logan each night. We usually do story time together with Sophie so this has become just our time. I know there is so much of what I read that he isn't getting, but I felt that it was an added dose of hearing the words. It was also another time where he could practice sitting still and listening. The devotion also has a couple of questions that relate to what was read. The funny part is Logan has already found the pattern and will answer almost every question with "God" or "Jesus". The bonus, at the end I get to say another prayer for my children.