Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinterest 43: Glue Suncatchers

Another boredom buster...playing with glue.  We used heart cookie cutters plus an airplane and elephant.  Only the heart ones came out, the glue leaked out the sides on the others.  I did let them dry for 2 days.

Pinterest 42: Make It Rain

I followed the directions on this website to show the kids how rain was created.

Of course, they wanted to play with shaving cream afterwards.  Lots of summertime fun!

Pinterest 41: Soap Cloud

Pinterest has been great for when I need to find something for the kids do to this summer.  I found this idea and they loved it, plus it made them nice and clean.

You put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

It balloons up like this creating a cloud.  It looks like it would be squishy but it's actually dry and crumbly once you  played with it.

We added a bit of water and then created balls of soap that the kids used to wash their hands.

I did a quarter of a bar at bathtime and let them play with it while they bathed.  Playing and cleaning all in one!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest 40: Puzzle Magnets

I finally remembered to buy some magnets so I could make these.  I had these puzzle pieces from when Wrangler got ahold of the others and had kept them thinking making I could use them for stencils to trace.  But the magnets are a big hit with the kids.

Pinterest 39: Chicken Handprint

Ms. Marsha has chickens and the kids have been wanting to go see them for months.  We finally found some time to go.

We made Ms. Marsha a thank you card for letting us come visit her and her chickens.  I found this chicken handprint and the kids made them on the card.

Pinterest 38: Showerhead

I decided to try this on our showerhead in the master bath.
The showerhead looks cleaner, but it didn't really make a difference in the spray itself.  Which probably means it wasn't really that dirty and it's a water pressure issue.  Oh, well.