Monday, June 27, 2011

EMM: Read a Book


1. Read a book you've never read.

2. Join a book club.

3. Give books to people as gifts.

4. Exchange books.

I would also add: donate books!

I've read 11 books so far this year which is more than the average. We have so many books in our home it's really kind of crazy. Lately, I have been trying to get rid of some of them (but usually not the children's books). I decided I was never going to have enough time to read all the books I have, much less re-read ones I've already read. Sometimes, I donate the books, sometimes sell them (to buy more). I've always liked the idea of a book club but never found one. I do enjoy small group studies at the church that use books as their basis. With the kids I haven't been able to fit one in my schedule, but maybe soon.