Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIWW Dirty Dancing Inspiration

My sister and I saw Dirty Dancing on the big screen recently.  And I now feel totally stylin' in this outfit:

Seriously, if Jennifer Grey can get Patrick Swayze wearing long shorts and striped shirts, it's got to be fashion.

But that's not all I've worn lately, here's a few other outfits.
Ready for church

The Sophie Pose
I've also spent a lot of time in my swimsuit at the pool.  It's still really hot so lots of shorts and t-shirts with my Toms.  I wonder what will inspire me next week?

Monday, August 26, 2013

MPM Meal Plan Monday Back-to-School Edition

Yay! School has started.  I have been ready for this day.  We all needed the structure that school brings with it. I do realize that some of my days are going to be crazy-busy so I decided to go ahead and plan out all the meals (and even some of the snacks).  I'm also trying really hard to not eat out as much (hey, we have this great new house, we should enjoy it).  One great thing about LG's new school is that the lunch menu for the whole year is online, also SR will have snacks covered once she starts preschool next week.

So, here's the week's plan:
Monday:  (B) egg sandwich, (L) turkey tortilla roll-up, (S) granola bar & cookies, (D) Chinese chicken stir-fry
Tuesday: (B) yogurt parfaits, (L) buy or PB&J, (S) snack crackers & fruit smoothies, (D) chicken bruschetta
Wednesday: (B) cereal bar & yogurt drink, (L) tuna fishy sandwich, (S) teddy grahams & granola bar, (D) cider-glazed stuffed chicken
Thursday: (B) waffles, (L) noodles, (S) granola bar & fruit, (D) spaghetti & meat sauce
Friday: (B) cereal, (L) buy, (S) cookies & trail mix, (D) slow-cooker smothered chicken
Saturday: (B) hard-boiled eggs, (D) enchilada casserole
Sunday: (B) oatmeal, (D) chicken alfredo pot pies

I stocked up at the grocery store before this week but I really should have taken better inventory because I have a lot of food, especially snack foods for the kids and ground beef.  Next week's menu will definitely use the stuff already in my pantry and freezer.  I've also found that I need to make more to accommodate sharing meals with my sister and her kids (or for leftovers for Paul's lunch). Paul is starting a new food plan (aka diet) soon so I don't really have to worry about his meals (at least for a while).  I tried to choose dinner meals from a variety of resources, including Pinterest, Kraft magazine, family recipes, and cookbooks.  Once we get into the groove of the routine, my sister and I will probably do some freezer meals.

I actually used a lunch box planner I found online to completely plan out LG's packed lunches.  This will make my mornings go a little smoother.  I actually broke down the lunch options and wrote them on the back so I would include a variety of items.  Options include: main item (sandwich, soup, etc.), veggies, fruits, dairy, "treat" which includes chips, cookies, rice cakes, crackers, granola bars.  Snacks can be from any of the items with anything peanut saved for after school since he's in a peanut-free room.  Both kids will have the same lunch unless LG buys then SR will have PB&J or we'll eat out.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meal Planning Summer Edition

With the move this summer, my meal planning has been a little crazy.  I've tried to create the plans, but I've known I wouldn't be able to stay on track.  And I was okay with that.  There were several days where we ate out everyday because everything was packed or the fridge hadn't been delivered or whatever.  Some days, the time just got away from me as I got busy unpacking boxes.  We also didn't have internet service for almost a month so I reverted to cookbooks for recipe inspirations.  I actually kind of like using the books and I even started making notes in them, including the date I made the dish as well as any substitutions I made.  Here's some of this summer's meals:

Bacon wrapped chicken

Muffins for breakfast

Chicken paprikas

Tempura battered chicken

I do think I may change up my planning a bit.  Previously, I would grocery shop on the weekends so I would plan Monday to Sunday, but Sophie Rose will be in preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I think I'll switch my shopping to one of those days and plan accordingly.

WIWW Summer Catch Up

So we have had a very crazy summer so I decided to just do a few posts in order to get caught up before school starts and I can get back into a routine.  Here are some of the outfits I've worn.  Of course, I have also worn lots of swimsuits as well as clothes I didn't photograph since they were worn on days when all I did was pack or unpack boxes all day.

You may also notice that my hair is different in some of these pictures.  I finally got my hair cut, getting about 8 inches cut off and adding some more layers.  Although I like long hair, it was getting in my way too often (like when I was trying to get sleep or turn my head while driving). I love the new 'do and it is still long enough to pull up if I need to and it is so easy to style.