Sunday, September 6, 2009

1000 Days...

Today marks the 1000th day of waiting for MIC. Actually, we've been waiting longer, but technically that's how long our paperwork has been in China. The current wait time for families is probably closer to 1200 days. We are loving our life with little Sophie but we are still counting the days until MIC arrives.

I somehow wanted to mark this occasion in a tangible way. My first thought was to eat 1000 fortune cookies, but I don't think even I could eat that much sweets. So instead, I am starting a list. I'll try to add 10 things each blog until I reach 1000. So, what is my list? Glad you asked. It's 1000 things to be happy about. I didn't come up with this all by myself, it was a book back in the 90's.

So, keep your eyes open for the things that make me happy!

August Sophie Pics

I have done a terrible job of taking her picture each day, so her are a bunch of daily pictures and then I'll get back on track.